1. Book your appointment and pay your deposit on our Booking Page
2. You can purchase your lace frontal and/or bundles from our online store page and have it delivered to the Laia Studio OR If you already have your own hair, follow instructions in your email to send your lace frontal into store
3. You can select an All Inclusive Package Deal (includes hair & installation) available on our Booking Page
4. Arrive for your appointment on time!


How should I prep my hair prior to appointment day?

Please have your hair washed and blown for appointment day. Failure to do this will result in a terminated appointment or and additional fee if given 24h notice

How do I book an appointment and what are your prices and available dates?

For prices, and appointment availability, please see our Booking Page

Will I get my deposit back?

The cost of your deposit will be deducted off of your final balance.

In the event of cancellation, deposits are non-refundable for any cancellation reason.

Do I need to send my hair prior to my appointment?

If you are having a lace frontal wig, or lace frontal sew-in, you will need to drop off or send in your frontal  5-7 days (No earlier!) prior to your appointment. You can drop your frontal in between 10AM-8PM Tuesday to Saturday. Please do not send direct from supplier and avoid sending on Saturdays as we are closed Sunday & Monday

I want extra information, what do I receive in my confirmation email?

In your confirmation email you receive: Date, Time and Location of your appointment, as well as important instructions to follow prior to your appointment. If you have any additional questions please send us an email or call the number provided in your confirmation email.

I am trying to book an appointment, but it is showing no appointments available, what do I do?

If the area is grey, or it says 'No appointments available' that means we are FULLY BOOKED on that service for the current or next month. We may open up more dates due to high demand so check our booking system regularly as they go fast!

If its grey for 3 months in advance, that means dates haven't been open yet.

I need to cancel/reschedule my appointment, what do I do?

You are not able to cancel on our scheduling system, this can only be done by Laia Lux admin. To cancel an appointment you need to email us with the email provided in the confirmation email. Please ensure to include your appointment time/date and whether you would like to reschedule. Any reschedules that are made less than 5 days prior to the appointment will incur a loss of deposit, a cancellation automatically will incur loss of deposit.


How much hair would you recommend for a lace frontal wig or sew-in?

We recommend 3 bundles and a frontal for bundles 18"+ any shorter should be good with 2 bundles and a frontal.

How long does a lace frontal wig or lace frontal sew-in last?

How long they last depends on a variety of factors and can range anything from 2-4 weeks. It depends on your skin type, hair vendor, hair type, hair line, maintenance, protection and personal preferences. We recommend having a closure wig for daily wear.

Lace frontals are a very high maintenance hairstyle due to the methods used to create a realistic hairline, on the other hand, lace closures are a medium maintenance hairstyle

What is the difference between a lace frontal and a lace closure?

A lace frontal extends from ear to ear (typically comes sized as 13” x 4” or 13” x 6”)

We do not currently fit 360 frontals, there is an option to cut your 360 frontal into a normal lace frontal.

On the other hand, a lace closure covers the parting area only (typically comes sized 4x4)

What are the benefits of a wig in comparison to a sew-in?

A wig lasts longer as it is a unit, there is also decreased tension on your scalp. A wig is also easier to maintain as you can remove and reapply the unit to take care of it

Do you use glue and how long will it last?

We use 'Got2B ' or 'BoldHold Extreme Cream' to secure frontals. 'Got2B' gel is not a strong glue but rather a great gel alternative which can easily be reapplied yourself and can last up to 5 days with careful wrapping. The gel can be found in most supermarkets or online. How long it lasts depends on your skin type and hairline - lasts may vary

I sent my hair, have you received my hair?

To check the status of your frontal delivery, please refer to your own tracking details

Do you sell hair?

Laia Lux STU. Toronto sells hair on this website. We do not carry on hand bundles. Please allow 2-3 days for ordering in for an appointment.

Do you offer full lace wig fittings or just customisation and styling of a wig I already own?

We do offer full lace wig fittings. We do not fit wigs that weren't constructed at The Laia Lux Studio


We only take custom colour bookings via laialuxhair@gmail.com


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